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Published to YouTube on Jan 27, 2018 "BIG KIDD" - T.W.N.M.H (They Were Never My Homies) Music video was released for the public's pleasure!

This track combines the hurt of being betrayed by your friends and the anger and frustration that pursues.

"If I had a buck for everybody that forgot about me, I would have a million dollars right now G" "B*tch it's fine, I'm used to it, losing it, soon to flip..."

The beautifully orchestrated instrumental really compliments BIG KIDD's raspy and aggressive tone, giving the track that extra feel of betrayal.

I personally really enjoyed the music video shot by Nepomsein Benjamin.

It shows the viewer the pain and suffering a person goes through after being stabbed in the back by your so-called "friends"

Although this track is moderately short I still understood the message BIG KIDD was trying to show.

I would love to hear more from this guy, he seems very passionate and has a lot of potential!

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