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Gedalya - The Book of the Devine

Gedalya, does it again with another beautiful symphony on his new EP entitled MAN OF FAITH.

"The Book Of The Devine" again demonstrates Gedalya's incredible ability of storytelling in his music.

You really enter a trance like state and go on a spiritual journey with Gedalya listening to this masterpiece on the EP.

Although "The Book Of The Devine" has a very peaceful instrumental, you truly feel the energy and power that's contained within.

"Man Of Faith" is one of many EPs that the New York artist has released to the public's delight.

His debut album "With Help From Heaven" really sparked Gedalya's music career, following up with "Son Of Israel"

Gedalya has stayed true to himself and has carried his unique and beautiful style with him to this latest EP!

To anyone looking for a fresh, soulful and beautifully orchestrated EP "Man Of Faith" Will not let you down!

Listen for yourself on:

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