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The Como Brothers - First Time

"The Como Brothers" from New York have just dropped a new single titled "First time" and it's great!

First Time” came together through a very interesting string of events, beginning in October 2016 when Andrew was busking with his guitar on the sidewalks of Buffalo, NY before a gig.

Andrew was playing the Como Brothers’ original song “Magic” to anyone that would listen.

He sang the song to a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen whom after listening said that Andrew had to sing the song to the bride and groom.

A little over a year later, Andrew was contacted by the mother of the groom, who told him that the bride and groom from the video were now expecting their first child. She wanted to see if Andrew and Matt could surprise the couple at their baby shower with a song for the occasion,

The song is an intensely intimate and passionate song, of unconditional love, the love CS Lewis would describe as Agape in his book The Four Loves.

The lyrics and music combined are very cinematic, and I think everyone will have their own mental video in their mind whilst listening to "First Time "

For me this well crafted song, and emotional delivery, has the longevity to become a top song for weddings, valentines day, christenings, a classic has been created.

and “First Time” was born!

"First time" Is an absoulute

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