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Watch Bare Jams's newly released fun-packed video for their latest single Ebbs & Flows!

Watch Bare Jams's newly released fun-packed video for their latest single Ebbs & Flows! Bare Jams are an upbeat, fun lovin' collective. Self described as 'Poppy-Funk with a sneaky bit of Reggae and Ska'. Their fun rhythms involve catchy lyrics about twists on day-to-day life, parties, their pet gnome and the Hokey-Cokey sometimes even some politics and other meaningful stuff. They'll have you chillin', then get you skankin', even put a smile on your face. Organic and freshly brewed party vibes, which really shouldn't be missed. Founded by Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Sam (drums/percussion) in 2011 as a busking duo, Bare Jams quickly grew into the 7-headed party phenomenon we know today. After the release of their first EP in 2014 the journey really started. Now they drive their Linda Dotty Vagabond van from country to country, spreading joy as if life's a soda commercial. Their big ol' farmhouse is the centre of creation, leading to new songs to be released soon. On the live side of things Bare Jams have supported and shared stages with Will & The People, By The Rivers, The Beat, Tree House Fire, BabyHead, Wille & The Bandits,Yes Sir Boss!, Odjbox, Biggtop, Too Many T's plus many more. This Summer season will see them play a good string of UK festivals including Boomtown Fair, Jurassic Fields, Curious Yellow Weekend as well as European shows in Holland, Belgium and Denmark.

Single Ebbs & Flows already got airplay on radio stations in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, and was featured on many Spotify Playlists! Noble Vybe (Canada): "You won't be bored once you tune into their latest single, 'Ebbs & Flows'."

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Music Injection (Australia): "The instant I started listening to ‘Ebbs and Flows’ I felt my mood change to being much more happy and positive. The rhythm seemed to sink into my soul." Ebbs & Flows is available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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