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SoosieAudo ft. Rick Ross – I Call It Come Back

SoosieAudo releasing Rick Ross collab, “I Call It Come Back”

NJ rap artist SoosieAudo recently released a remarkable new track featuring Rick Ross. The project is titled “I Call It Come Back.

The song is a clash between titans, showcasing two different artists who all deliver some of the best performances to date on a single that feels catchy and direct, yet conscious and groundbreaking. SoosieAudo has been rapping and writing ever since he was only a kid, and he never stopped improving his lyrical flow and groundbreaking ability to combine melody with rhythm in his performances.

This release achieves new heights in terms of production quality and vision, setting the bar higher in terms of energy and depth. The soundscape is exceptional, and these two artists are able to show off their flow with this incredibly exciting arrangement and energetic new collaboration. With such distinctive personalities, you really can’t go wrong.


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