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The JJ Kane all New Music Show

JJ Kane has been in the industry from the age of 20, now in her 50's, after a very long illness, which she now knows will end her life very early.

JJ is no quitter,as her world became smaller, she now lives in bed 99% of the time, her voice became a worldwide sensation over night with her radio show.

When I asked her the reason for her success in radio, she very humbly replied "I have no idea why the show took off as it has, you know it's now on over 3,000 stations", she replies smiling and hunching her shoulder in an almost childlike cheeky reaction, I am sure JJ would do the "Floss" if she could move freely. " Radio saved my life, I have been to some very dark places during the course of the degenerative disease, I have lost 6 stone,and I was never really big, I now wear boys Jeans.

JJ lives in constant pain,but says as long as she can speak she will continue to be the ambassador she has become for unsigned music and ,artists.

"I believe every band and Artist deserve to be heard on the radio" not content with online stations, JJ is now on Commercial radio, FM radio, DAB radio, College Radio in the USA,Canada,Europe,Australia and New zealand,not forgetting Africa and Asia and of course the UK.

You may submit to be on the #JJKANEALLNEWMUSICSHOW by submitting via her Fiverr link

JJ is the founder of her own brand of music PR which she developed through her 20 years as the founder of Caravan Music Promotions. She told me she is a buddhist and that is how she has lasted long in such a harsh industry," I treat everyone as if they were my son, as I want to be treated also, with honesty,compassion, and vision to look outside of the box.

" It is a privilege to work with everyone I have done throughout my years as a consultant,and even more so as a professional radio presenter, these are my "RADIO YEARS"

You can find JJ on Twitter @caravanmusicco1

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