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The Video that talks through the power of music and one man's dream being taken from him at a very young age.


It directly concerns the terrible, near fatal accident (detailed below) which befell me at age seventeen-and the sacrifices and devotion which became the informing principal of my dear mother's life.

It was recorded with my band LITTLEMEN I hope it acts as an inspiration and maybe a reward to mothers EVERYWHERE. The love of music kept me alive

At the age of seventeen I had a motorcycle accident which left me with a broken back and paralysed from the waist down. Prior to this accident, my love of soccer had rewarded me with a trial for Bristol City Football Club.

With cruel irony, this was set for the day the accident occurred...further compounded by the offer to race motorbikes on the track.....but all this ended on that fateful day.

The one thing that kept me from taking my life was the much-reciprocated devotion of my mother and family, and my love of music.

I became driven to exercise, trying to walk again with listening to music as my inspiration and my reward. I needed to get into working at something..... my brother was in the music business!

This was a route I could peruse!

I started a promotion company with a friend, which led to me building both a studio and a reputation...both which garnered the attendant rewards. Once I commenced promoting and then managing bands and got into writing lyrics for the artists I managed, I felt that this was the life for me! A way forward!

Nick Allen 0780 261 2922

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