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Michael Koumbas Baseball Blood and Art

I started playing the piano at a young age about 6 or 7 although my sister had already started taking formal lessons.I switched to the guitar at the age of 14 where I started playing led zeppelin, guns and roses gary moore,alice cooper etc. which was on the radio at that time.

Then I got a guitar teacher who got me into Joe Pass and Jazz and chord melody and that really changed my perception of the guitar and what I wanted to do musically. I also always had a big love for synthesizers and samplers and I remember back then I was totally blown away by the JM Jarre records "Souvenir from China" and the "Zoo look" record which was basically the first time I heard voice sampling used in an instrumental record.

When I went to Berklee school of Music I had the chance to meet the person who wrote the chord melody book I had when I was 15 Bret Wilmott himself who I could not believe I had in front of me!!!

My other big influence has always been Marty Friedman who I'm about to meet here in New York on the 23rd of October!!! which was my first exposure to Japanese music and Japanese scales such as the Kumoi Pentatonic and Hiraioshi etc. These are the scales I'm using on "The Distance between Us" record (The purple album)!

I welcome all artists interested in my music to contact me directly as I'm looking forward to collaborate with new talent not just from New York but all over the United States!

As far as Baseball Blood and Art...

"Scott gave me a unique opportunity to write music for a truly amazing American Story!" "The BB and A theme represents the first theme in a series of succeeding themes following the number of innings in the book. It is called "Dream Big and Dream on" and it takes you through the journey and struggles of the main character (S. Christopher) in his effort to shine in the game of baseball. If you listen carefully the very last note of the theme signifies the "First drop of Blood".


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