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"Christmas is a time for everyone" by Velinski

I am truly delighted to let you know that Velinski ( Andrew Williams and Adam McEvoy ) are due to release their unique track "Christmas Is For Everyone " very soon. We are promised many playlistings in the UK and Ireland and are hoping that US stations will be equally enthusiastic.The song has a positive message of inclusiveness that resonates around the world, a fanfare intro that grabs your attention and a traditional marching festive arrangement that captures the holiday spirit.

The supporting video matches the mood with sensitive and celebratory scenes.

How do you write a bouncy party type Xmas song when there has been so much recent turmoil in the world? How can you expect people to be happy during the Festive Season when they’ve experienced tragedy and sadness? The answer for Andrew Williams of Velinski in late 2017 was simple- you can’t, BUT rather than compose a sad song, write something positive to help victims feel they are being remembered when most people are celebrating.

This is exactly what Velinski have done. The track has a very regal feel to it, the drummers, and brass section are a sight to behold, and something about this track, encapsulating the the global sound of Christmas, and the message they so brilliantly get across is Christmas really is a time for everyone, with out the Cheese one finds in most seasonal tracks.

This great singalong track,talks of happiness, hardship,homelessness all wrapped up in Christmas Is A Time For Everyone!

As Christmas tracks go this one is undeniably in the top ten!

10/10 from JJ Kane

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