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Michael Koumbas


Michael Koumbas is a multi-award-winning musician and composer, known for his dreamy, cinematic sound that blends the virtuosic stylings of piano and guitar with atmospheric soundscapes.

A graduate of Berklee School of Music, the artist has worked under a number of ‘masters’ in the field of music. Including world renowned Composer, Andrew Liszt, Bob Winter of the Boston Pops Orchestra and Jazz virtuoso Bret Willmott.

Michael has made two official releases this year, one being his long-awaited debut EP

‘The Distance Between Us’.

The second, ‘Baseball Blood and Art (An American Baseball Memoir)’, the first single in a epic chronical that tells an emotional story of a man who is struggling to make his mark in the world of baseball.

The musicians most notable achievements so far have been when he won first place in the audio masterclass world competition, for his performance of ‘Perpetual motion’ by Paganini (One of the worlds best violinists). Not to forget, also being awarded the highly-sought after Martin Guitars endorsement through their competitive ambassador programme.

Both a dedicated and talented musician since just six years old,

Michael Koumbas’s highly developed skill is one that can be appreciated by all.

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