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Midi Blaster introduce 'Christmas Song'.

Band/artist name : Midi Blaster Release Date : 27/11/2015 Genre : Pop, Happy, Holidays, Christmas

Description Christmas Song Artist biography

Midi Blaster was created in 2015 as an answer to all the people who thinks that the the big boat is going in the wrong direction. Midi Blaster want to show everyone that one can find beauty in every corner of the world and in every mind. Midi Blaster launched a Christmas Song called Christmas Song that went viral and people around the world joined in joy. Midi Blaster is fascinated by ALL the people on earth. Midi Blaster loves music and creativity. Midi Blaster wants no one on earth to feel that they are alone. Midi Blaster wants everyone to have a good laugh and live a long healthy life! Can you help out? Spread the word? Join the joy? There is also a challenge out there that goes under #whocancovermidiblaster. Artists all over the world have gotten the request to do the best cover of Midi Blasters Christmas Song. Stay tuned for some great covers! Social Media Links : Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Download Links : Spotify: iTunes: YouTube: Soundcloud:

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