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Baby Boy J My Angel Queen

label: Feelin The Vibez Ent Genre: Hip hop & R&b Description: A romantic single about love. Influences for the track: Marvin Gaye, The Temptations. Artist biography: J.R. Ray Wiggins stage name- Baby Boy J was born in San Leandro CA, from there me and my family-

Dad, mom and sister moved to Oakland CA, me and my mom and sister then moved to Modesto California when I was 5 years old, as things wasn't working out between her and my dad.

Fast forward to 1996 I started practicing and writing songs using a karaoke machine, in which I would perform with friends. In 2003 I recorded my first professional demo at Mob house studios in Oakland CA with my cousin Dola, the excitement and joy of being in a real studio for the first time was amazing,

we finished the track in a little over an hour. That same year 2003 I sent my demo in to Tha Row Underground, Suge Knight at the time was looking for a new artist and holding a contest, in which whoever won would get signed, their A&R chose my demo out of thousands of other demos to be in this contest, I had received a letter from The Row Underground signed by Suge Knight.

Although I didn't follow up after that I was in awe that I was even chosen out of thousands of other demos. I took a break from pursuing a music career and in 2015, I wrote and went to a studio to record my single My Angel Queen, older and wiser my style in music had changed to positive Feel Good music, I wanted to bring more peace and love into this world as we need it badly nowadays, my goal is to bring positive Feel Good Music to the world, there are so many people that need it. Peace and love to all one love. Social Media Links Download Links

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