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Oleg Farrier - Rain Man - Intonenation (Progressive Trance)

PROGRESSIVE TRANCE - WAVs + MP3s - Releasing through Intonenation Records is “Rain Man”, the latest progressive offering from Ukrainian dance music prodigy Oleg Farrier.
Opening with an insistent groove and a mysterious atmosphere the bass quickly drops in accompanied by a classic 80’s bell theme hinting at the hypnotic melodic hook that will later drive the song.
The breakdown triggers deep swelling pads and choral melodies lead to an assertive melodic line which carries us into a deeply energetic crescendo. As the beat drops the melody fuses perfectly with the beat and the track takes off like wild horse heading for the horizon only to return to it’s wide bass groove as it fades.
So hit the dance floor with Oleg Farrier this fall and let Rain Man wash over you.


Oleg Farrier – Rain Man (Intonenation ITNR1813 & 1814) ​Written and composed by Oleg Farrier ​Produced & mixed by Oleg Farrier ​Mastered by LOLA Mastering, Los Angeles ​Published by Taxigirl Music ​ISRC code – USX741800013 ​ISRC code –USX741800014 ​Catalog Number – ITNR1813 ​Catalog Number – ITNR1814 Design and artwork by Inhaus for Intonenation Records. All tracks © 2018 Intonenation Recordings.

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