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Ashlee Keating - Hurt Me So Good Remixes - 418 (Club House)

FUTURE CLUB - Pop/Dance sensation, Ashlee Keating is stepping into the spotlight in a whole new way.
Her fierce, sassy persona truly shines through in her songwriting, voice, image, and most importantly as an Entertainer. Influences ranging from pop icons such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. She has indeed created an original sound and swag.
The songstress has a flare of an upbeat pop/dance vibe mixed with urban melodic lyrics, showcasing her authentic self. Currently her new single, “Hurt Me So Good” is climbing the charts with its new release, with multiple chart-topping remixes by DJs such as Hector Fonseca, Country Club Martini Crew, and Dark Intensity to name a few. Upon release Ashlee’s music video for “Hurt Me So Good” hit over 100K plays on YouTube in the first 48 hours after being released.

CAT # 418M155 UPC: 192641233616 Apple Music - Spotify -

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