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Digital Joker introduces the new song, 'Spin Again'!

Digital Joker Spin Again Ft. Nathan Brumbley Domes Project Music Records 14 December 2018

Artist: Digital Joker My Label: Domes Project Music Records Release date: 14. December 2018 Genre: Pop/Electronic/Dance Artist Bio: Digital Joker is a music producer. He has many years of experience in composing music. He started from the very beginning. Experience with Dance Ejay, Music Maker, and Fl Studio. He was interested in music at the age of 6. Digital Joker was born in 1993 and comes from the Czech Republic. Digital Joker is seriously ill, is reliant on dialysis. She is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. This album is dedicated to all fans. For people who like it. And especially for a person he loves very much. It's actually my life. Composing music was my great dream. Influences for the track: My new song Spin Again with Nathan Brumley is full of dance energy. It is very melodic and catchy. I think the song will be very popular. Singer Nathan Brumley put a lot of attention on the lyrics. This song flows blood in the veins on the dance floor and disco. Listeners on the radio will always play this song. Links on social media: Facebook: Soundcloud: Spotify: Twitter: Contact on email: dominiktusinovsky44@seznam.czor Download and stream links: Spotify: Google Play: iTunes/Apple:

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