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Krys Monique - So Good (Remixes) Circuit House-House)

Krys Monique wants to wish everyone Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2019, along with her sincere GRATITUDE & THANKS to all the KOS DJs for their love, positive comments and support on the PART 1 Campaign for her DEBUT club banger, "So Good"!

She wants to kickoff the NEW YEAR on high note by sharing a Brand New set of HOT mixes of her Top10-Bound Billboard Club track, showcased by DIRTY DISCO, DIRTY WERK, DJ ALAN bd, NITEMOVER and STINGRAY! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by KINGS!

Also, please take a few minutes to WATCH the NEW Danny Morris Remix Video (which is re-edited to the Dirty Werk Ext. Club Mix): BTW, the Official Video, directed by Patty Nieto-Rodriguez, already has over 1.3 MILLION Views!

instagram: @krysmonique

Krys Monique YouTube Channel:

COMMERCIAL LINKS: So Good - Single by Krys Monique

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