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Sean McCabe pres Dannis Winston - Rocket Love (remixes) Good Vibrations (Essential Soulful House)

The hugely successful track "Rocket Love" co-produced by Lem Springsteen of Mood II Swing, gets the royal Louie Vega magic treatment across three mixes. There is also a special link for the KOS DJs to see photos, performances, videos of him performing "Rocket Love" on the road/on tour, etc., as a big thank you for their LOVE & Support on Part 1. Happy days with music like this to keep the love flowing..

His breakout UK radio hit " Rocket Love" on Good Vibrations Music label represents the next endeavor for Winston, a sound combining his soulful tinged vocals and deep house music. All the while collaborating with a number of pioneering and newly discovered and diverse talents, Dannis is collectively sharing sounds that will make you want to move on the dance-floor, and fall in love at the same Twitter: @dannismusic


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