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Bonsugi Release-date: Feb-08

EUROPEAN PRODUCTION - FUTURE HOUSE - FUTURE POP - A brand new dance production by Bonsugi. This production is the result of an international collaboration with some artists. The song has a very nice melody and a very strong bass line. The voice of Dimitrije makes this song ideal to listen and dance. In addition to the original mix, there are three other versions, a remix signed by Austin Leeds, DJ and American producer who collaborated with Avicii and Paul Van Dyk, another remix signed by BTS Chitlom that maintains its Eurodance style and an instrumental version. Release-date: Feb-08

Bonsugi - Changing (Austin Leeds Remix 7A - 128 Future House Bonsugi - Changing (Bts Chitlom Remix 7A - 140 Future Pop Bonsugi - Changing (Inst Vintage Mix 7A - 140 Future Pop Bonsugi - Changing (Orig Mix 7A - 140 Future Pop

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