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ShadowHood Lavender Release: 14 February 2019

Artist : ShadowHood Song Title : Lavender Release Date : 02/14/2019 (Valentine's Day release) Genre : Pop, Romantic Pop Description “You reach into my soul, I will look after you” Valentine’s day single released by ShadowHood feature Brandon Crichfield What are the chances of me, bumped into you in the most random place, in the most random time? Because our love for the smell and taste of lavender, here we are. A true story written down in lyrics and sung by the most beautiful voice. ShadowHood collaborated with singer Brandon Crichfield for this romantic song, dedicated to every couple who find their way to each other because of true love. This is a very touching song with the most beautiful and expressive melody. Simple words expressing the most intense emotions. The most touching part is when he said to her: “What if I say you Reach into my heart Oh I will look after you Take off to endless road Oh I’ll stand beside of you” For those whose doesn’t love rose, here is my lavender to you Influenced Bruno Mars, Josh Groban Artist Bio ShadowHood, cross-genres composer, performer, clarinetist, and songwriter. Aim for a musical reformation by innovating and cross referencing music genres. Classically born clarinetist, jazz trained, hip-hop and pop influenced. Now seeking for music beyond.

ShadowHood is a pioneer in the creation of Conscious Music. In which a song is a story, and has deeper meanings than just music itself. Created by conscious minds and performed by creative artists. Free from corruption, free from purity, always innovating. Social Media Links Website: Instagram: Shadow_hood Twitter: Shadow__hood Facebook: Shadowhoodoffical

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