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C-Rod ft Brendan O'Hara - Stay - Love Media House (Future-Club-Circuit House)

Grammy-nominated producer and remixer, C-ROD is back with a fierce club banger called "Stay", featuring the soul-searing vocals of Brendan O'Hara. The sizzling track has impacted the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart in just three weeks and is on rise this week, moving D48*-41*, and is showcased by a spectacular set of remixes, featuring the talents of Dirty Werk, Dirty Disco, Tony Moran, DJ Alan bd, The Watchmen (aka Mr. Mig & Sandeep Chatterjee) and Cris Wolfe fro the UK. "Stay" has picked up EARLY interest from Sirius/BPM and is also being considered for an ADD @Sirius/Venus

The MUST SEE video, which was superbly shot in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, directed by Patty Nieto-Rodriguez, already features two NEW video remix interpretations for immediate club programming, executed by the talented editor, Danny Morris, re-edited to both the Dirty Werk Extended Club Mix (featured) and the NEWEST one, re-edited to the Tony Moran sure to check them out!

Retail links

C-ROD: @crodmusic

BRENDAN O'HARA: @brendanOHaramusic

NEW REMIX VIDEOS from Danny Morris: DIRTY WERK REMIX (re-edited to Dirty Werk Ext. Club Mix) TONY MORAN REMIX OFFICIAL VIDEO (shot to C-Rod Video Mix- 200K+ Views!):

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