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Mr. Church and Dawn Tallman - Break Free - Viva Recs (Club House)

“BREAK FREE” is a new song recorded by MR. CHURCH (Emanuele Chiesa) , an Italian DJ producer, and Dawn Tallman, the Queen of the American Gospel, known in Europe for the collaboration with the King of dance Bob Sinclair in "Feel the Vibe" in 2015. Dawn has cooperated with a great number of recording artists and DJs as well as contributing to various ensemble groups, she has traveled the world performing.

The genre of this musical composition is disco-pop, soul-pop with funk influences. The song speaks of love, an intense and enveloping love, arrived suddenly.

A love destined to never break, based on unique feelings, where freedom is the master of the relationship creating a sense of peace and love really difficult to meet, a unique love that deserved to be waited for all the repays sufferings and frustrations of the past.

Dawn began singing in the house of God from childhood. Later, she expanded her body of work into the R&B and Dance scenes.

Dawns voice and style have been compared to those of many great vocalists, like Chaka Khan, Karen Wheeler and Oleta Adams, yet her style is completely & audibly her own. Dawns voice has blessed numerous singles as the featured artist and she is on the must call list for many producers when they are looking for someone to arrange and sing backgrounds.

Mr. Church n Dawn Tallman - Break Free (Ext version 2B - 120 Club House

Mr. Church n Dawn Tallman - Break Free (Radio version 2B - 120 Club House

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