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Django Riders

Hailing from Tennessee, Django Riders are a band who are on soul-funk-fire with their message and music. The band is made up of four “cool cats who preach love for a living”: Jay Cathcart, lead vocals/rhythm guitar; Josh Gentry,drums, Daniel Raymond, bass; Tim Cathcart, lead guitar. Together, the foursome offer up soulful singing, phat bass, swinging drums and clean funky guitar with songs that buck the status quo with the universal language of groove.

Off their new album Friction is the debut single, “The Motion.” “The Motion” commences with a killer funky bass line. Equally swinging percussion enters along with nice syncopated, melodic guitar riffs that will get you humming along. Everything is in-the-pocket, tight and jamming. The sound never comes off as click-track playing - the bands pulls off an energetic, live jam feel in a polished studio recording format. Smooth and soulful harmonies pick up the vibe and join in. You will find your head bobbing and body swaying.

Jay Cathcart enters on lead vocals instantly grabbing your attention with his charismatic singing style, “All you people. Listen good. You don’t have to because they tell you that you should.” Later he raises the bar when he sings, “Well I’m sick of this 9 to 5, this job, and this God dam rent. And these talking heads just talking out their neck.” The chorus has a smoking R & B presentation with great old-school back-up vocals. The lyrics explore working class issues and the manifestations of greed. The song preaches love, but is never preachy. About 3 minutes in, there is a bridge section that gets down and dirty followed by tasty guitar solos that bring you to the last drop of funk.

"The Motion" redefines what moving forward is all about. For this band, it is observing what's going on in the world, sharing their viewpoint and inviting others to not only listen to what they are saying, but to truly "feel it." Django Riders aren't interested in shouting or anger - they want you feel the power of love, through their music and lyrics, and they pull it off amazingly well. With stellar musicianship, there’s enough defiance in Django’s music to start the earth quaking and bodies shaking, but their defiance is never in your face – it’s in the music.

Combining elements of funk, soul, R & B, hip hop and rock, Django creates a deep and diverse groove that will get you addicted and hooked to the good feeling you get when expert musicianship meets an authentic message and mixes it with enough heart and soul to start a revolution.

For more information on the Django Riders, pelase visit their website.

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