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Paul Holda Band – Debut Album Maniacs From The 4th Dimension Is Out & Available Now!

BERNARDSVILLE, NJ, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2019 -- From deep within the basement at Foxhollow Studios, a litany of psychedelic & cosmic ideas began to pour out of the amplifiers, filling the atmosphere with vibrant, colorful, and curious sounds. Spending more than a full year dedicated to writing & recording a tripped-out set of songs that have genuine soul & spirit, solo-artist Paul Holda pursued his passion like a man possessed; playing every single instrument, singing his heart out, creating spoken-word & artistic concepts, he played around the clock in search of sounds that would connect to the people on a whole new level. Celebrating the creative freedom that music has to offer, & turning up the guitars to eleven – Paul ventured enthusiastically into the unknown.

From sweet acoustic-based melodies to wildly unforgettable electric experiences, the debut record by the Paul Holda Band began to take shape. And while that shape was an undeniably odd one, a magic in the music was fully revealed – there was an inspiring & uplifting energy in the aura surrounding Paul’s songs that blended art & sound in exciting, thought-provoking, and refreshingly unique combinations.

Through his ambitious determination to explore the outer-reaches of music and innate penchant for experimental ideas that are unafraid to boldly commit to even the craziest of concepts, Paul confidently created songs that included other artists & their own art in the mix. With spoken-word tunes that feature powerfully moving performances & well-known legends like Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Terrence McKenna, and Ken Kesey,

mischievous & playful instrumental songs, and a handful of tracks that even featured his own voice, Maniacs From The 4th Dimension came alive.

Expanding the project beyond the music, Paul incorporated amazing original images from artists Mike Dubois and Renee French for the album’s artwork, merging their pieces together in a metaphorical way that fully represented the collage of Technicolor sounds & versatile styles found throughout the record.

Unconventionally fun and remarkably adventurous, Maniacs From The 4th Dimension features nineteen songs over seventy-eight minutes and provides an unforgettable journey through the heart of music unlike any other out there. Stocked full of tunes that reveal the stunning amount of personality in Paul’s ideas & musicianship, his exploratory & expressive sound is a pure reflection of his own openness and a mindset that recognizes every direction of his art & craft as one filled with new potential & possibilities. Maniacs From The 4th Dimension by the Paul Holda Band is out now & available everywhere for all to enjoy.

Paul Holda Paul Holda Band +1 973-650-5322

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