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KNARS - She Twisted (single and video)

Rave/breakpunk band KNARS is known for their in your face lyrics and raw breakbeats. In latest single 'She Twisted' - taken from their just released album 'From the Madhouse' - they combine the two in a strange disco 4x4 meets nasty drum'n'bass tune about psycho twisted Femme Fatales. Telling about how every woman can be stared and glanced at, but how nobody knows their inner demons and dark secrets.

The accompanying video includes Dutch underground television star Theo Wesselo and a beautiful lady torturing him.

KNARS has already been wrecking stages across The Netherlands for a year (Amsterdam Dance Event, MadNes and Grasnapolsky), along with successful tours in France and Hungary. KNARS has received critically acclaimed national and international press. Comparisons are drawn with The Prodigy, Die Antwoord and Pendulum. The project has been able to achieve this whilst remaining fully independent, without label, manager, publisher or subsidy.

She Twisted is released on Ongewoon Onbegrensd Available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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