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Deeman OhhRite Err (Country Twerk) (feat. Lil Bird) 12 April 2019

Artist: Deeman OhhRite Song title: Err (Country Twerk) (feat. Lil Bird) Label: Hitmaker Services Release Date: 4/12/2019 Genre: Country Trap / Hip Hop

“Err (Country Twerk)" is the hot new release for this summer from renown viral Hip-Hop artist Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird. In the increasingly oversaturated online Hip-Hop market it has become harder for a new single release to get noticed and gain viral status online but the new Country, Trap inspired Single ‘’ Err (Country Twerk)” by Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird has already created a small buzz on social media and reached some of its potential listeners having over 13k plays on Soundcloud alone. This is only the start of what is to come for the Single release and Deeman ohhrite as an artist as we head further into the year in anticipation for this Summer 2019 which is set to be huge for both Deeman Ohhrite and Lil Bird as they both continue to engage with their fan base on social media and release new and fresh sounding takes on the Hip-Hop genre. The Single ‘’Err (Country Twerk)”’s new Country, Trap inspired sound and has been climbing social media like wild fire with shares and likes and has the definite potential to go viral for this SUMMER 2019. The Single is expected to gain a large amount of streams such as Deeman Ohhrite’s previous releases on Soundcloud some of which have gained over 400k in streams and the Single release of ‘Err (Country Twerk)’ which has been anticipated by Deeman Ohhrite’s followers on social media is expected to follow suit with the same number of streams if not more by this SUMMER 2019. Be sure to keep up to date with trending Hip-Hop artists Deeman Ohhrite and Lil Bird on their various social media accounts as they collaborate and create new sounds of genre infused Hip-Hop designed to be both uplifting and chilled out the sound of this SUMMER 2019. The Single “Err (Country Twerk)” by Deeman Ohhrite feat. Lil Bird is now available to stream online via Soundcloud, Spotify and all major streaming platforms. The new Single is also

available to purchase via all major online music stores. Stream Err: Follow Deeman Ohhrite Follow Lil Bird

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