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Rhy Dongju's new album has been released Rhy Dongju Lions'den II: Essence Lions'den Reco

Band/artist : Rhy Dongju (Please read like 'Lee' Dongju) Album Title : Lions'den II: Essence Label : Lions'den Records Release Date : April 15th, 2019 Genre : Instrumental Rock / Progressive

Description Instrumental Rock album, based on Electronic guitar Performance with some Oriental Approach(especially South Korean traditional music).

Track suggestion - Isegoria - Xenos - Essence - Shard

Rhy Dongju Composer / Arranger / Guitarist / Sound Designer

Rhy born in Republic of Korea His mother was a piano teacher, so he could naturally enjoy classical music, and from an early age he influenced by great classical composers.

He studied from Maestro Kim Ki-bok ("National designated Local -Kyeonggi-do, Intangible Cultural Artist No.21 of Republic of Korea") of "Anseong Namsadangpae", about Korean traditional music and art, "Pungmulgut" of "Namsadang Nori" (Inscribed in 2009 on the "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of Unesco"). And also studied Avant-garde Performance art from Kang Jong-chan, a painter and performance artist from childhood to teens.

At the age 15, his friend recommended him to play the guitar, Since he started playing the guitar, he influenced by blues guitarists like every guitar beginner and then he influenced by John McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane and some another great players.

In 2014, performed at World Folk Expo 2012 of Korea.

After finishing his military service in 2017, he began his musical career with the first album "Lions'den - Songbird" as a guitarist, and "Transcendence", "Dance of the Age Vol.1" and "Animalistic U / Dystopia" as a Contemporary music composer.

2014, - Performed at World Folk Expo 2012 of Republic of Korea 2018, - Interviewed with Fireworks Magazine - Interviewed with Prog Magazine by Guardian as an 'All Around The World our far out trip to far-flung prog' artist - Interviewed with Classic Rock Society Magazine

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Reviews Lions'den - Songbird "The talented multi-instrumentalist" -Fireworks Magazine

"Lions'den plays an exciting instrumental prog metal, and Dongju plays the guitar at a high level is undoubtedly a correct statement." - Permafrost Today

"Very modern sounding and very creative, this is progressive music in its strictest meaning."

- Prognosis Progressive Rock & Fusion

"This is pretty much in the same territory as you get from the likes of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.", "If you like guitar instrumental with a hint of electronic and Oriental influences, then you will like this. 'Songbird' is easy on the ear and is an excellent to start in what I am sure will be a very productive career." - Classic Rock Society Magazine

"Its expansive sound, staccato fury, metal edge, soaring melodies and sometimes frantic arpeggios.", "Take a deep breath and hold on tight." - Graham Reid, Elsewhere

"Some awesome musicianship" - The Ripple Effect

Rhy Dongju - Dance of the Age Vol.1 "This is a huge masterpiece of the work, 'Dance of the Age Vol.1', just incredible pieces of work by Rhy Dongju, just brilliant" - Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion Radio

Rhy Dongju - Animalistic U / Dystopia "There is a triumph as we get towards the end as well, a resolution as this entire album has this huge overall feel to it but also it tells a story from the first song to the last."

- Joshua Macala, Raised by Gypsies

"This young-ish Korean prodigy's mind is like a sponge", "Very ambitious record." - Eric. W. Seager, The Hippo

"Hey awesome dubstep mix! I thought It was very entertaining and i would buy your album if they were all this good! Seriously good work putting this together, the eq was great and everything flowed very well and was on tempo. I enjoyed it, I've been to a few dubstep shows, this music is the best played through some loud speakers. Great job!" - Alec holmes, Music Reviewer

"the music is awesome very exciting it has the potential to be used as a sound track in a movie or video games its a great piece of work so keep up the good job . well done" - Kianyo Patrice, Music Reviewer

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