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Something Happening - Small Circles (single) - digital release of 1989 punk track

Digital release of 1989 pop-punk track

Something Happening originated in the late 80s and has only existed for a few years. The three band members Hans Engel, Michel Weijgertse and Eelco Boonacker then also played in two legendary Dutch Punk / Hardcore bands, The Vernon Walters and Union Morbide.

Something Happening was a joint side project in a musical direction that would now be described as pop-punk, melodic punk or maybe even just indie, a new music movement back then where the boys also felt very much at home but could not find in their own bands. Something Happening has toured Europe twice in their short existence and played their music in many squats, youth centers and at festivals.

The band developed very quickly in a short time and especially in Germany, a growing group of fans who attended their concerts. It was the era of new exciting emerging bands such as Fugazi and Jawbox on which Something Happening was piggybacking. Not much later, Hans Engel became close friends with the guys from the band Fugazi and traveled as a tour manager with them through the USA and Europe, Japan and Australia for a number of years.

In their short existence, Something Happening has released music through multiple labels on back then various popular compilation albums and in-house a vinyl 7 inch single "Q", with four tracks.

Small Circles was recorded in 1989 and released in 1990 on the vinyl compilation album 11 Ways To Get Out. A collection with only Dutch Punk bands who were hanging out and playing together at the time. Small Circles has now been digitized and mastered, provided with artwork and is released on all digital music platforms.

Of the three band members Hans Engel and Michel Weijgertse sadly passed away already.

Something Happening is released this week and available for purchase/streaming on all known digital platforms

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