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The Harmalators Forever Friday

The Harmalators return this month with a pop-rock classic that celebrates the freedom of the weekend in a catchy way. Forever Friday kicks into gear with a downpour of synths and a mellow beat. The retro musicality is contrasted by a raw drum sound, and soon enough the whole thing finds its feet as Marlon and Norman Kay unite to introduce that hook.

The Harmalators write hearty melodies that attempt to warm and uplift. The concept here seems to be that of a longing for the freedom that Friday offers – the melody and the elongated vocal notes of the hook help really bring that longing home. There’s also a moment at which a descending riff and the vocals join forces, relaxing down into the song’s resolve – thus, into the comfort of Friday.

The various sections of the track have been well-crafted, so it quickly becomes familiar and fairly easy to recognise. The Harmalators also have a somewhat memorable vocal sound and style that stands out with each new release

From a songwriting perspective, there’s a potential for remix here – the altered speeds on YouTube allow you to toy around with this in terms of hearing the melody at a faster pace. Strong songwriting survives most settings, so there’s something to be said for that ability to hear additional potential. It’s a fun release and a musically bright performance.

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