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Band/artist name : TRILL ZILLA Song Title(or album title) : OMW (On My Way) Release Date : (5/10/2019) Influences for the track : Drake, Lil baby, Migos, Eminem, Biggie

Artist biography : Rapping on top of hard trap beats and hiphop has been the main reason why everyone has gotten their eyes on TRILL ZILLA – this is just the beginning of the Rapper/Producer/DJ you may heard of as CJ or Trill. These past few months, its been almost inevitable to not have heard or seen of TRILL ZILLA. "Creating a whole new lane in the music industry” is one of the things that CJ has been diligently working on and creating. Its not everyday that you see a young Artist/Producer and DJ use the- ir own vocals on his own tracks, and even rarer when u see one leave the DJ booth, walk

towards the front of the stage, grabs the mic and blows you away with a stunning performance. Most Producers hire a singer/rap- per to lay their vocals on top of their. CJ, does it all. Social Media Links : Instagram: @trillzillamusic Twitter: @trillzillamusic Facebook: TRILL ZILLA (Verified) Download Links :

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