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Dinley Jones - Fire - Booshu (R & B Pop Vocal-HIT)

R & B POP VOCAL HIT - KINGS ROYAL TIP - ACAPELLA VOCALS FOR REMIXING - Dinley Jones is an eccentric and an electric performer who bounces around the stage like a bag of Popping Candy! When Dinley performs, he is visually intriguing. His pop is sweet, it’s funky, smooth and classy.

It might remind Gen X of Jamiroquai from the 90s. Though he’s unapologetic about being Australian. Not too suave and he can dance as you’ve never seen any Australian frontman do! Dinley and his music are all about being free and being OK with who you are. He is a true individual.

Dinley Jones has co-directed his own music video and excels at being the modern day DIY artist! The kid can sing, he can dance, he can do somersaults upside down and in reverse, then write a storyboard for his music video. He’s lovable the kind of kid you just want to take home to meet your mum! Dinley’s debut single ‘Radio’ debuted in the top 40 of the R&B iTunes Charts in 2018. Just putting him on the map. This new single ‘Fire’ is sure to ignite all of your senses.

Dinley Jones - Fire (Main Mix 10A - 107 RnB Pop Vocal

Dinley Jones - Fire (Lead Vocal Stem Only) - 10A - 107 Vocals

Dinley Jones - Fire (Backing Vocal Stem Only) - All - 107 Vocals

Release date: May 30, 2019 YouTube: Instagram: @dinleyjones Facebook: @dinleyjones


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