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New release: The Hengles - (I Dream Of) Jeannie (single)

The Hengles do it again! Their new single (I Dream Of) Jeannie is once more that full rich melodic Hengle pop twist for which the band is so known and loved for, topped this time with a flavour of truly summer teenybopper style ‘Reeling & Rocking’! So, check it out now! As usual, the recording and mixing sessions took place at their own renowned Hok-P Recording Studio in Zwanenburg, The Netherlands. (I Dream Of) Jeannie is a true homage to all the wonderful and talented people who relentlessly try to make this world a better,

colourful and enlightened place, regardless of what other people think or say. We can’t do without them! Thank you lucky stars! Their first two singles Wintertime and So I Say No immediately landed on the Dutch Spotify New Music Friday playlist and Apple Music Best Of The Week, and got airplay in The Netherlands, Germany, US and The Phillippines. Composers: Maarten Heijblok, Dirk Portegies, Paul van Rijswijk,

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Erwin Wolters ISRC: NL-DC4-19-00078

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