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Bleona - Monster

Bleona, the International Pop Icon, redefines the word "DIVA", in her uncontainable rise to STARDOM. Her powerful vocals, charmingly brash persona, and reputation as an electrifying performer has risen her to the top of the Billboard Music Charts.

Bleona is a multiple award-winning, multi-lingual recording artist. She has sold more than five million albums, graced over forty magazine covers, and has performed for millions of fans - all while operating as a completely independent artist.

In the past few years alone, Bleona has broken the TOP TEN Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, with her #1 hit "I Don't Need Your Love" and #3 hit "Take You Over". The track "Wicked Love", spotlighted and scored the #12 spot in 2018 as well.

Bleona additionally made her directorial debut with the stunning videos of her 2018 singles, "Monster" and "I Don't Need Your Love" A beloved luminary, drawing record crowds of up to 70.000 in her native Albania, she continues to perform to consistent sold-out shows.

Through it all, Bleona has embraced the thrill of playing by her own

rules, while at the same time, respecting her craft, and embracing her

ever growing fan-base. Bleona's in born creative ability has transformed her into a triple-threat phenomenon that has presented no limits to her larger than life talents.

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