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Honey G returns

The hit new single from X-Factor star and brash, lovable emcee Honey G is out now. And, along with it, a video that’s going to keep people talking... and moving! Honey G returns with her new freshers material, ready to wow the newbies this next term start. And this time around, Honey is bringing a little something for everyone along with a big surprise.

Honey’s new single, ‘Jerk It’, brings old school flavour backed up with Honey’s newfound topic concept of jerk chicken. That’s right, that delicacy so familiar with the inhabitants of North Weezy, which boasts a real multicultural makeup. It’s a dash of nostalgia and a whole lot of spice from 2019! ‘Jerk It’ invites everyone to try a new dance move called ‘The Jerk’, which incorporates the Running Man of yesteryear with an original, all-new dance move from Honey called the Chicken Wing, a move loosely based on the Funky Chicken. This is a dance anyone can learn, and Honey’s energy is sure to get you moving. This fun concept for the whole family is bound to put Honey G firmly

back in the hearts of the nation. Honey loves her legion of faithful fans, and always welcomes new ones, young and old alike. And remember, when I say honey, you say g! It’s the return of everyone’s favourite emcee. For more information, contact Richard Jones. Richard Jones PR Manager H to the O Music Mobile: 0777 1841549 LA: 121 378 877 69 London: (+44) 0203 086 7171

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