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Temporary Hero - Vibe LP Remixes (Anticodon) House-Percussive House

Temporary Hero are warming us up for their new album release in a few months, a full double album called VIBES. They preview the Vibes release with an EP featuring four remixes from new remixer on the block '3Es' who produces with the flare of Jumpsmoker's on their Mariah work! The EP is released on 26 July 2019 WORLDWIDE) Temporary Hero - Give + Take (3Es Remix 1A - 123 Percussive House

Temporary Hero - Jump (3ES Remix 11A - 125 Tribal Percussive House

Temporary Hero - Ride Or Die (3ES Remix 11A - 125 Percussive House

Temporary Hero - Wear The Mask (3Es Remix 3A - 123 Minimal House

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