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Christophe Goze with Cathy Battistessa - Hero (Goze Ltd) Deep House-Lounge-Chill Out

Cathy Battistessa's voice is medicine for the soul. It floats into our consciousness and deeply soothes the heart. The voice of the famed Cafe del Mar lounge and chill-out genre from Ibiza. There aren't many voices that define an entire genre of music, Cathy has that

honour like a subliminal star on the Mediterranean Walk Of Fame. Artist, producer Christophe Goze captures the essence of that 'voice'

with production perfection on the song "Hero" delivered with 3 mixes including the Original lounge master, the UK's DJ Applebad Remix Deep House version, plus the Mr Shwill Remix from France for the Chill Out Kings & Queens around the world embracing the sunset.

Released now on Apple Music & Spotify​

Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Apple Music:

Soundcloud: ​ ​​/christophegoze christophegozemusic

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