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‘Butterfly’ From James B: A Soaring Heart Wears Gentle Wings

A tender melody and artistic sensitivity typify the music of James B’s new single “Butterfly.” Guitar-driven, the British-based singer, songwriter and producer delivers musicianship straight from the heart, by way of the recording studio. There is no doubt JB finds inspiration from this particular butterfly, one with blond hair who remains aloof. Life surely is not the same. Released Jun. 28, 2019, a romantic, one-sided dilemma is the source of JB’s latest song.

The lifespan of a butterfly usually is short, often only months. But in James B’s 4:45 song, enamoured bonds prove to have everlasting power. B paints a musical picture drawing comparison to being love-struck for a unique girl by describing a butterfly. Listeners probably never will know what the butterfly is thinking, but the singer’s feelings are clear with the lyrics, “Atomic blonde/She’s got her head in theJames B game/I’ve got my head in the clouds,” “You make me feel alive.”

The melodically expressive qualities in B’s voice are evident right from the start of “Butterfly.” Passing thoughts of David Bowie unplugged weaved in and out during the intro to the cut. The treble-rich acoustic strumming, alongside B’s singing, helps set a bright mood for the first 40 seconds before an electric guitar injection signals the arrival of a larger sound, including drums, bass and backing vocals. The artist’s singing is consistently balanced and in key at all times.

“Butterfly” follows the release of “Reality TV Star” in May and rocks with similar guitar mindfulness. The line “Dreaming of flashcards and diamond rings/Try being happy,” from “Reality TV Star,” is a winner in itself. Production on both tracks is clean and warm. A second full length album from James B containing “Butterfly” and “Reality TV Star” is expected by year’s end.

For more about James B please visit the artist’s official home page.

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