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New Music Now Series: ‘Staring Down The Rhino’ With Travis Marc’s Debut Solo Album

The new nine-song collection from multi-instrumentalist Travis Marc has a complete album feel and is more than just a collection of music tracks from a single artist. Listen closely for the cohesiveness among the cuts. Melodic and at times moody, Staring Down The Rhino rocks with eight originals, as well as a cover of Flickerstick’s “Sorry…Wrong Trajectory.” The London-based singer songwriter arranged, composed, performed, produced and engineered Staring Down The Rhino, not including the drums. But there is more.

Released Jun. 7, 2019, Staring Down The Rhino opens withTravis Marc- “Takotsubo,” the medical term for broken heart syndrome. With the line, “And love is absolution/It’s a matter of opinion/Till it starts to end,” Marc goes, well, right to the heart of things. The melody is sad and slow before taking off in a more amped up creativity.

The second song into the album, “Everyone Knows,” at 2:58, has moments of an almost Bowie’s Man Who Sold The World meets The Foo Fighters appeal thanks to the vocals and guitar. Meanwhile, TM’s playing adds a contemporary rock edge. Skipping around, “Can’t Stand It” starts with somewhat of a ska rhythm flavor and “Trick Mirror” also provides a unique beginning.

An earlier lead single from Staring Down The Rhino, the 4:44 “Ghost,” a personal favourite and the longest track on the album, has a YouTube lyric video. Remember to check out the Flickstick cover too.

Producer and engineer Jack Twiner, of Pyramid Studios, engineered the drum work on Staring Down The Rhino. The final mix and mastering of all songs was done by Dean Nelson, from Generation Studios.

On the Spotted Fish Records label, Travis Marc’s Staring Down The Rhino is available at:

CD Baby



For more please visit the artist’s official home page.

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