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Cuddi Loodee and Marlow deliver their summer single, STRING VEST!

STRING VEST – Press Release

Cuddi Loodee and Marlow deliver their summer single, STRING VEST! This hot Jamaican dancehall track, inspired by the boys needing an outlet to explain how crazy it gets with some girls in the inner city, is a lyrical threat waiting to happen. Say Something, who recently co-wrote with X-Factors Honey G on her single JERK IT, decided they wanted to release something that reflects their life experiences. This dancehall song, with its catchy and easy to sing along to lyrics, is expertly laid down to a thumpin’ instrumental. STRING VEST does not hold back telling a story of how some women are behaving in the inner-city communities of the UK. If you’re a male, you know, these girls are around for the lavish lifestyle and are gone when you need someone to lean on. The problem is this story is becoming all too familiar. STRING VEST has hard-hitting lyrics and tells the story of how girls are falling all over themselves, wanting to enjoy the life of a musician, who’s loved when they’re up and then ignored when they are no longer in fashion. This, in an industry that’s forgotten how to treasure brand loyalty. The inner-city girls make demands on you for every penny. Gone are the days of “stand by your man.” It’s all greed and materialism—as an artist you are surrounded by constant social climbers. STRING VEST recognizes this new breed of women, who is looking to consume her way out of poverty. Hence the term “string vest”—

because when the money is gone, she also disappears. STRING VEST is an authentic dancehall banger with something to say. This song is an anthem for all the good men out there who are getting strung along… and are ready to cut those string vest vultures out of their lives. For more information contact: Richard Jones Music Manager Mobile: 0777 1841549 LA: 121 378 877 69 London: (+44) 0203 086 7171 Email:-

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