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Kopper release debut EP Fading Fires – out now across all platforms + limited release vinyl

EP online release: Out NOW FB and Twitter: @Koppermusic Insta: @_kopper_ Clean in intent, neat in their imagery, sharp in their focus and fever - Rats on the Run

This act sure have buckets of attitude and unafraid to throw caution to the wind in an attempt to exercise those inner demons and perhaps help us with ours too - MP3Hugger Very clever and very promising. Sigur Ros meets Mudhoney - Aural Delights Full of passion and power -Beehive Candy

Fading Fires (out 20 July) is a chaotic and arresting debut packed with eccentric rhythms and atmospheric lyrics which blend into the fuzz-effectsy guitar for a rich and satisfying modern rock sound. Six months ago, Kopper began their journey. A three-piece from the South west with an ambition to produce high energy, preternatural deep alt-rock in the manner of their heroes David Bowie, Thee Oh Sees and IDLES. Kopper now offers a unique addition to the incumbent post-punk revival with its mix of high-energy, immersive, sprawling avant-garde. Their debut 4-track EP “Fading Fires”, is a people’s proclamation: a loud and ambitious composition that takes a nosedive into the root causes of personal and social ills. Devised and produced in the South West (recorded at Magpie Studios - Bethesden, mixed for Curved Pressing - Hastings by Radioactive Man) FADING FIRES is out now online and on vinyl. Guitarist, Jon Williams, has said ***we wanted to give people a record that was loud and wild - something to turn their heads, make them sit up and feel something*** Indeed, with the bands own love for mythos and the fantastical, Fading Fires’ preternatural character could easily be the product of some ancient energy of primeval England and evokes the legendary storytelling of a hero’s journey. Sisyphus Smile, its lead single, is a stomping crowd-pleaser, the harbinger for the screeching and sharp sound of Empty Stores and the EP’s title track. It all builds into Fading Fires’ swan song, Luminescent Womb, an angular and devastating anthem evocative of My Bloody Valentine. Mythical, stark and astonishing fun – Fading Fires is the torch paper for an extraordinary and dramatic new force in British post-punk whose embers will set your world aflame.

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