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Lxrd Melchior - Ascension EP - WhiteCrown Ent (Future Rap)

Lxrd Melchior takes us into the Twilight Zone with his "Ascension" track released as part of his EP with "Better Days" demanding you pay attention to its reason for being plus "Found A Way" a deep lyrical journey into self perspective. When the track of a rap release is filled with melody and the vocal has a message of substance it can be irresistable, it has a real place in the consciousness of us, its Future Rap for a future of compassionate wisdom delivered with music. Out on iTunes and Spotify this Aug 2nd and royally recommended by Kings and #jjkaneallnewmusicshow .

Lxrd Melchior - Ascension - 11A - 68 Future Rap

Lxrd Melchior - Better Days-Clean - 9A - 70 Future Rap

Lxrd Melchior - Found A Way - 12B - 62 Future Rap

Release date: 02/08/2019 (2nd Aug 2019)

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