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ZÜHLKE "Gonna Leave My Sorry Ass" release August 2nd Inbox x Isa Hudd - D8 Music

ZÜHLKE strengthens her style as an artist with the new single “Gonna Leave My Sorry Ass”. "I have found my voice as an artist and I 'm very proud of the new single".

The journey towards international markets has made excellent progress. Songs have been played on radio around the world and added to many Spotify playlists.ZÜHLKE is performing actively and this summer's (Pride) gig in Kaivopuisto/Helsinki with an audience of more than 100.000 was an unbelievable experience.

Listen/Download WAV here: (Soundcloud)

or here: (Dropbox)

MP3 here: (Soundcloud)

or here: (Dopbox)

Music & Lyrics: Nalle Ahlstedt, Sharon Vaughn

ISRC: FID8M1900016

LC: 83728


ZÜHLKE photo:



Instagram: Spotify:

For more info, interviews etc. Isa Hudd Communications manager D8 Music

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