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Carrillo Summer Tunes 2019 Various (Carrillo) House Various

Top US independent dance company, Carrillo Music, are having a stellar summer to match the success the label's artistes are enjoying this 2019 setting everything up

perfectly for 2020 and the brand new decade that brings with it. To celebrate the label have released a compilation, already out on Spotify, called Carrillo Summer Tunes 2019 Various with a tracklisting featuring Rosabel, Terri Green, Soleil Carrillo, Fenix, Tommy Capretto, the Scene Kings and beats boss Rod Carrillo. Keep it coming guys and girls.

Terri Green Project - Night To Remember (Bruno Verdugo Mix - 10A - 124 Disco House Rod Carrillo - Trumpeta - 1A - 122 Tropical House Rosabel feat. Tamara Wallace - Anything For You - 8A - 127 House Lisa Williams - I'm Moving On (Radio Edit - 8A - 124 Piano House Soleil Carrillo - Cello House (Radio Mix - 6A - 126 Percussive House Fenix ft Mariah Simmons - Take You Away (Kebab & Cream Radio Mix - 5A - 124 Clubhouse Rod Carrillo & Terri B! - You Got What I Need (Oskar Konne-David Serrano Radio Edit - 11A - 125 Clubhouse Tommy Capretto - Floss (Radio Edit - clean) 4A - 125 Tech House The Scene Kings - I'm Ready (Radio Mix 10A - 124 House Live on Spotify

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