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Tim Muriello Alien 9 August 2019 Band/artist name : Tim Muriello Song Title: Alien Release Date : (

Tim Muriello's new rap album ‘Dark Times’ brings an edgy and creative sound to the rap game that encompasses some real talk issues such as the struggles of life and overcoming them. His new single, "Alien" is an extremely catchy, fun, addictive, and creative concept with low bass tones with a sound that would best be described as Limp Bizkit meets Kayne West. Great mixes of low octaves and pitch all with hardcore rap elements. Influences for the track : Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, Insane Clown Posse

Artist biography :

Tim Muriello, popular YouTube personality, brings his style of "grunge rap" to the Rap/ Hip Hop game. Featuring a wide range of vocals with vocal sounds like Fred Durst, Insane Clown Posse, and a hint of Jonathan Davis from Korn; laid on top of hard hitting, low bass rap with smart break beats and creative sound. Lyrics are witty, creative, and timely.

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