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Tha Bomb - Dolce Vita (UniGroove) Future House Classic

Tha Bomb recognizes great dance music from the past, then adds a 2019 new approach. ‘Dolce Vita’ is not just a cover version of a (by today’s standards) rather boring romantic summer hit. All the key elements of the music are still there, but it’s more radical, more in your face.

While seeking the spotlight with his music, Tha Bomb tries to stay as anonymous as possible by not revealing his looks. For the cover art, he had a caricature drawn of himself holding a bomb as you may have seen it in classic cartoons. At shows, he's pulling up screens to block the view to his DJ booth. By having a bright lamp behind him, all the audience gets to see is his shadow, but that works just as well.

While Tha Bomb’s music is heavily inspired by Italo Disco and music from the '80s, upcoming productions by Tha Bomb will cover a wide range of musical genres, from reggaeton to techno. “I don’t want to play one genre of music for two hours. I want to change gears and take the dancefloor on a journey.” Tha Bomb has been producing music for this project for over two years now. Some of these tracks will be upcoming singles, and some may only be used in his DJ sets.

Having produced so much material in advance allows him to play mostly his own productions. Many of these tracks are remakes of music from the '80s, but they tend to be music that may not have been that popular back then. Tha Bomb on this: “It’s not important to me whether a song was a hit or not. If I hear something in it that I think I can use, I’ll try to use it. The same goes for genres. If I think an old disco track could work well today in a tropical house arrangement, or maybe as a dubstep track, I’ll try to turn it into that.”

Note for professional DJs: Tha Bomb would like to share some of his productions, like new remixes and bootlegs that are not commercially released. If you’re interested in receiving these cool DJ set tools, simply send an email to

Tha Bomb – Dolce Vita available on all major download and streaming services now

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