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Agency - Pushover (Anticodon) Disco Funk House-House-Future Club

Originally released in June 2018, the original version of Agency’s PUSHOVER has been getting renewed interest on all streaming services over the latter part of the summer, and continues to build a daily following. Therefore the act decided to create three remixes, two contemporary dance mixes and one very tasty retro-flavored synth pop mix. Recommended by Kings and #jjkaneallnewmusicshow


Agency - Pushover (Stunned Club Mix 9A - 123 Disco Funk House Agency - Pushover (Zerp Dance Sex Mix 9A - 128 Club House Agency - Pushover (Atari Retro Mix 7A - 114 Future Club Dance Agency - Pushover (Original Full Mix 9A - 118 West Coast Soul Agency - Pushover (Original Clean Radio Edit 9A - 118 West Coast Soul Youtube link Lyric Video (Original Version): instagram: @the_world_of_agency

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