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Grapefruit Sound Lab & Amuka - Don't Fall For It (Howe) Disco Bass House-Club House

Grapefruit Sound Lab (aka Robert Cotnoir) and legendary funk-rock-dance artist, Amuka, have announced the release of their hot new collaboration, entitled, “Don’t Fall For It”, on Howe Records. The track was inspired by events both personal and within the greater community, and its lyrics outline calling out and breaking free from the con man's grip by embracing love and respect for both one

another and one's self, a universal message.

The track has EXPLODED on the Billboard Club level, securing the #3BREAKOUT spot in just its 2nd week out in clubland-- and THIS week, it DEBUTS in the runner-up TOP DEBUT spot @D45* on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart, second only to Madonna's latest release! “Don’t Fall For It” is the lead single from the upcoming full-length Grapefruit Sound Lab album, "Eight Days Across America"! ALSO, please sure to WATCH the BRAND NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO, which was shot in Jersey City and is shot to the Legacy Radio Edit, starring both Amuka & Cotnoir!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by KINGS and the #jjkaneallnewmusicshow!!

Don't Fall For It EP Apple: Beatport:

Don't Fall For It – Radio Edits Apple: Beatport:

Don't Fall For It – The Joel Dickinson Mirrorball Mix Apple: Beatport:

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