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New talent from the UK Jungle Boy - Blueness

Emerging from the south west London scene, Jungle Boy (Jake) brings influences from classical piano, electronica and contemporary R&B together to create a truly distinctive alternative sound.

His first single ‘Glass’ (released through the label ZilDeep) gained significant traction, reaching over 160k streams on Spotify; an effective entry into Jungle Boy’s sound.

Not only is Jake planning on releasing his debut EP this year, but also a range of Solo Piano works.

Jungle Boy mixes genres and instruments atypically and strives to push the limitations of his instruments and sound.

Taking influence from some of London’s freshest sounds (Cosmo Pyke, King Krule and Jorja Smith to name a few) as well as contemporary and classical piano composers including Debussy, Satie and Joep Beving; Jake brings a new perspective, hoping that this will inspire others to do likewise.

Jungle Boy about his new single Blueness: "Blueness tells the story of getting lost in someone else's mind and liking what you find. The track uses the contrast of water and solidity as metaphors to symbolize the push and pull of being in a relationship."

Writer: Jacob Palmer / ISRC: NL-C8O-19-00144

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