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Bounty Hunters - Rise (Original) LightHouse Beach (Pop Rock)

POP ROCK DANCE - RIP Andrew Gillespie The original mixes of "Rise" from the Australian band the Bounty Hunters Lyn Hinds on lead vocals and bass, and David Hinds on lead guitar and vocals.

This husband and wife team have been writing, recording and performing their original music since 1995. Their song "Rise" had co-writing input from top LA songwriter, Alan Roy Scott, and it was produced by Sam Michaels of Klubjumpers fame.

This release commemorates the work done by Andrew Gillespie, the Editor and Producer of the video. Andrew passed away in August too early in life, he leaves behind a lot of love and respect for his journey here on earth before his "Rise" to the higher realms of spirituality.. Bounty Hunters - Rise (US Ext Mix 12B - 130 Pop Rock Dance Bounty Hunters - Rise (US Radio Mix 12B - 130 Pop Rock Dance

Dedication: IN LOVING MEMORY OF ANDREW GILLESPIE 11 May 1972 - 10 August 2019 The Editor and Producer of our video for "Rise"

Released Sep 2019

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