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DJ DiscoCat - Fantastic Four (Funk Soul, Lowrider Funk, Soul Funk)

Get Down, Get Down with Montreal's dashing slave to the rhythm DJ DiscoCat plus four of his latest Purrfection/Meow extended remixes from Chaka Khan, Joe Simon, Grace Jones, Eric Burdon and War including an excellent Southern Californian lowriding classic to cruise down Sunset Boulevard with the roof down, wheels bouncing and music pumping. You'll recognize the intro on Chaka Khan's "Fate" too...

You can stream DJ DiscoCat remixes and on Apple Music

I've been on and off YouTube since 2005. When they started tightening down the copyrights in 2008-09, they killed me twice and the third time I was so disgusted with the copyright takedowns and illegal downloading, I shut my channel down to regroup. I got back on in early 2013 and this time I hope it's gonna stick! If it doesn't, I still have another six lives to build on.

I like to take the single versions of disco/pop songs and stretch them out to make extended versions of them. Nothing can replace the wonder I felt handling the vinyl singles and long plays that music so rich could come out of that. The brightly colored sleeves and labels are what I remember most, who doesn't remember the colored comet on the outer edge of the Capitol label?

I try to get the cleanest vintage vinyl to do my remixes and I use Audacity to edit. Now I'm back and hope you will follow me and dance, dance dance!

Youtube - 120,585,760 views since 2013

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