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Groovecatcher + Madison Park - Hypnotise Me EP (basicLUX Recs) Lounge House-Lounge Club

Groovecatcher + Madison Park enthrall with a new EP featuring three superb productions across the variety of Lounge music for the dancefloor, for the DJ bars and for your radio shows to give your melody thirsty audiences some honey.

We at Kings are feeling the exotic "Scintillating" with its Eastern beats and melody hooks pulling you into to the provocative vocal. As original a delivery as we've come to expect from the basicLUX label who never fail to please. Be sure to check Hypnotise Me plus Calling & Calling too. Recommended by Kings and peers #jjkaneallnewmusicshow for those with evolved ears (and hearts :) Groovecatcher + Madison Park - Scintillating - 9A - 117 Eastern Lounge Club Groovecatcher + Madison Park - Hypnotise Me - 9A - 120 Lounge House Groovecatcher + Madison Park - Calling And Calling - 3A - 93 Lounge Beats


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